Bobby Naidoo


Bobby and Family



                       Standing from left to right: Jothie, Cyril, Johnson,

             Prakash. Seated: Subrie, Sussie and Bobby. Insert: Shiela.

Bobby was born on 4 January 1933 in Sezela and attended Sezela Primary School. She married Appana Subramoney Naidoo (Subrie) and they lived in Rossburgh, Durban. Subrie (Brooks) was employed by Hind Brothers (1970s - Cerebos Foods) as a Warehouse Supervisor until he retired in 1993. The family lived in Umhlatuzana from the early 1950’s, where Bobby established a mobile business selling fresh produce to predominantly white areas. In 1971 they moved to Silverglen where they lived until they passed away in the mid 1990’s. Both Bobby and Subrie valued the importance of education and will always be remembered for their humility and warmth. This family attributes its success and happiness to the pioneering spirit of the late Bobby and Subrie Naidoo.


Johnson Naidoo


Johnson is the eldest child who attended the University of Natal Medical School in the 70’s and is currently a practising occupational health practitioner at Chatsmed Garden Hospital, and a consultant with Shell (SA). He is married to Suria and they have two children; Sudeshen and Lushen. Sudeshen is a qualified medical doctor serving his internship at RK Khan Hospital and Lushen is an Orthodontist. He is married to Sarisha who is also a medical doctor and they live in JHB.



Cyril graduated as a Medical Doctor from the University of Natal Medical School and is currently Professor of Family Medicine at UKZN Medical School. He is married to Selvie, a teacher at Queensburgh Girls High School. They have two children. Ashantha is a qualified medical doctor and has recently completed her Masters in Family Medicine and Uvistra, also a medical doctor, is currently serving his internship at King Edward Hospital.


Prakash graduated from the University of Durban Westville with a Degree in Education and practises as a teacher. His wife Sylvie is also in the teaching fraternity and lectures at the Manukau Institute of Technology. They were the first of the Naidoo family to leave South Africa and venture to New Zealand in the early 1980’s. Prakash is currently a Deputy Principal at a secondary school in New Zealand. They have four children; Neal is a Forensic Scientist and will be marrying Deb in January 2011. Rishay practises as a field dentist in New Zealand. Darshan is an IT Engineer at Air New Zealand and Suvarn has recently obtained his BA (Social Sciences) degree and works for Department of Work and Income New Zealand..



Jothie graduated from the Springfield College of Education with a Diploma in Teaching in 1978 and is married to Arnold Chetty. They have been living in New Zealand for the last 2 years. She is currently teaching in New Zealand. Arnold works for Cerebos as a Business Process Engineer. Their only son Lowell is studying full time towards a BCom Finance and Accounting degree at the AUT University and working for the NZ Blood Service.




Sussie is a Financial Controller at Clark and Kent Panelbeaters. She is married to Nelson Naidu. Nelson is a manager with the Joshua Doore Group. They have two children; Aven who is the Managing Director of Avemel Investments, which comprises of logistics and investment brokering. Melinta is studying towards a BCom HR degree at UKZN and she is currently a Human Resources Officer at Momentum.


Sheila graduated with a Masters in Medical Science Degree from the University of Durban - Westville. Sheila has been living in New Zealand for the past 7 years. She is currently the Head of Human Resources at Farmers Trading Company, a leading retailer in New Zealand. She is married to Koogan Naidoo who specialises in Banking and Financial Services. Their only daughter Riantha is studying towards a BCom degree at the University of Auckland. She has been awarded an internship at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

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