Chilka Naidoo


Nelson and Chilka with Brindha and Morteza

Chilka was born in Sezela on 1 July 1950. She completed her schooling in Chatsworth. She started work in 1970 at Alpha Computers and has worked at the following companies: ICL Computers, Stocks & Stocks, Eskom and Tiger Wheel and Tyre. She is currently employed by General Electric in the Finance department. Her hobbies include travelling and playing the slot machines.

Chilka married Moonsamy Seenavasan Naidoo (Nelson) in 1972. Nelson is the eldest son of Moonsamy Nadas and Muthamma Naidoo from Umbogintwini. Nelson retired after teaching commerce for thirty years. They lived in Chatsworth for 35 years and relocated to Johannesburg in 1999. They currently reside on a quaint smallholding in Midrand, Johannesburg where the Eskom services are intermittent and Telkom lines non-existent.

The couple has a daughter: Brindha who was born on the 17th April 1974. Brindha is married to Morteza Ali Safai. Brindha holds a Masters in Business Administration and Morteza a Masters in Microchip Engineering. They are employed by a German software company and live in Dubai

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