Chinnie Naidoo


Back row left to right: Yuvania, Neil, Chinnie, Chris
Middle row left to right: Sanusha, Subby, Kamini, Mishara
Front row left to right: Talia, Jaden, Callum, Sheyhara

Vengetas Chinna Naidoo (Chinnie)
Chinnie is the 8th child and second son of Chinna and Mahalutchmee Naidoo. He was born in Sezela on 26 September 1945. He qualified as a Secondary school teacher of mathematics from the Springfield College of Education in 1968. He graduated with a BA (Unisa) and a B.Ed (Natal). He has taught at Port Shepstone Secondary (1969-1972), Centenary (1973-1978), Protea (1979-1980), Arena Park (1981), Sea Cow Lake (1982) and Effingham Secondary (1983-1989). He emigrated to New Zealand and commenced teaching at the beginning of 1990.
He is presently employed at Tangaroa College as the Head of Mathematics. He is married to Subby, and they have 4 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Subby is presently employed at Kedgley Intermediate as a Senior Food Technology Teacher and has been teaching in New Zealand for the last 20 years.

Kamini lives in Wellington, NZ, and she is employed by Immigration NZ as a Senior Policy Analyst. She is married to Chris, and they have two children, Callum (12yrs) and Sheyhara (10yrs). Chris is employed as a retail manager for Michael Hill Jewelers.

Sanusha is employed as a buyer for Farmers Trading Company. She is married to Neil and they have 2 children, Talia (10yrs) and Jaden (7yrs). Neil is presently employed as an IT manager for Mainzeal in Auckland, NZ.   

Mishara lives in Sydney, Australia. She is employed as a Senior Policy Analyst for a subsidiary of National Australia Bank.


Yuvania is presently employed as a Learning and Development Advisor for Griffin’s Food Ltd in Auckland.

Congratulations to the Chinna Naidoo Family on this very special occasion, the celebration of 100 years in South Africa. We salute all family members (both present and past) for their invaluable contribution to the upliftment of all our families and their dedication and commitment that they have undertaken which have led them to excel in the


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