1. Sivalutchmee Sarugaser

Sivalutchmee(Priscilla) eldest daughter of Mummy and Dixon Naidoo passed away on 27 March 2013 at the age of 59.

2. Appanna Chinna Naidoo (Billy)

Billy passed away on 8 May 2013 at the age of 73. He was living at 10 Glastonbury Road ; Umhlanga.

His funeral takes place on 11 May 2013 at Clare Estate Crematorium from 14:00 to 16:00. 

Billy is the eldest son of the late Chinna and Mahalutchmee Naidoo. His wife Freda was a very supportive  and afforded Billy the space to showcase his talents and expertise. Billy is formerly of Mobeni Heights and Sezela. Retired from teaching 14 years ago. Last taught at Protea Secondary. He was the Deputy Principal.

Billy was a true anti apartheid campaigner and a fighter for social justice. A firm believer in alternative treatment. He was waiting for the outcome of his submission to the Department of Science and Technology on the impact of curry leaves on a diabetic person. In fact all of us are eagerly awaiting this outcome. Billy ensured that his children received the best education. As a single parent he has done exceptionally well in that all his children, Miroshni; Suraya; Vanessa and Sudershini are graduates.

He took pride when it came to the education of his grandchildren. He knew exactly what each one was capable of and what they were doing.

 An avid reader with a brilliant mind. Many people knew Billy as an outspoken person. Our world needs people like Billy. This is the only ingredient for change. Change is the only constant.

Billy was born in Sezela. He completed his primary schooling at Sezela Primary. The nearest High school was in Umzinto. Billy made the sacrifice and travelled daily from Sezela to Umzinto Secondary using different modes of transport. He cycled, went by train and then took a bus. His travelling matched the length of time he spent at school.From Umzinto Secondary he completed his tertiary education at University of Natal.He started his teaching career at Port Shepstone Secondary.

3. Janakiamma Naidoo (Sushie)

Sushie, 3rd daughter of Mummy and  Dixon Naidoo  and sister of Jacy(Vishnu); Lenny; Robin; Ram; Ronnie and Shirley passed away on 25 May 2013. She died of Cancer. Sushie was the Head of Department of Mathematics and Science at Woodview Secondary. There was no doubt that Sushie was one of the best teachers of Mathematics in the South Africa.


4. Nalayani Naidoo (Rookoo)

Rookoo died in a tragic accident on 28 June 2013. She was the wife of Jacy(Vishnu). Her children are Deevashan and Shalendra. Shalendra is married to Michelle (Kasturie). They have two children Chayhal and Sashmika. Shalendra is a Mechanical Engineer. He worked for Howden Africa in Gauteng. Deevashan is an Actuarial Assistant working for Nedlife Group in Umhlanga; Kwazulu Natal. Rookoo died at the age of 57.



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