Sonny Naidoo


Dr. SC Naidoo was born in Sezela on 20 November 1947 to Chinna and Mahalutchmee Naidoo. He was a loving brother to Mummy, Bobby, Narain, Baby, Neela, Chilka, Umsie, Chinnie and Billy. He grew up in Sezela, in a large and well known family with lots of love and respect. Being the tenth child to his parents, he attended Sezela Primary school until Standard six. He then moved to Jacobs where he lived and Matriculated at Tagore High School, under the watchful eye and loving care of his sister Mummy.

Sonny was passionate about becoming a doctor. He was accepted to study Medicine in Amritsar, India. He studied towards his MB and BS Degrees. India was one of many places he held dear to his heart. He achieved his dream of becoming a doctor and returned to SA in 1977. He served his internship at King Edward Hospital from 1977-1981. Thereafter, he took up a post in Port Elizabeth Hospital. He returned to Port Shepstone and operated a private practice for twenty three years. He also worked in Port Shepstone and Murchison hospitals whilst in private practice. On closing the private practice, he took on a post in Port Shepstone Hospital where he worked up until his death in April 2007. His medical talents and his passion for medicine made him well known and loved by his patients. He was an exceptional doctor, a wonderful husband and father, and an inspiration to his family.

Sonny married Janet Naidoo (22/08/1962). After marriage, they lived in Durban, before moving to Port Elizabeth for a short period and thereafter, finally settling down in Port Shepstone. Being so young, and away from family, it was a difficult adjusting phase for Janet. Being the brave spirit that she is, she stood by her husband through good health and illness. Janet worked side by side with him in his surgery. Their bond strengthened over the years, and they faced, and overcame many obstacles together. Together, they built up their surgery as a mini “family” centre, where patients became “interim family” and friends. Doc was a loving husband to Janet and they both are role models to Mahindra (1/10/1983), Surendra (23/11/1986), Leandra (14/01/1989) and Nirendra (16/11/1993). Despite losing Doc so early in her life, Janet still maintains and demands a high standard of life for her children. With so much of patience and love, she single handedly takes care of her children, which includes a Down syndrome son Nirendra, and a daughter, who is partially sighted. Janet and the children still live in Port Shepstone, amongst all the friends, who have become like family to them over the years.



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